The activities of CapitalGenève, established in Switzerland in 2005, have grown over the years from the professional capacities of its individual partners and associates as well as from the comparative advantage of their relevant previous companies.

Prior to launching CapitalGenève Investment Company, individual partners and their affiliated companies were involved in the preparation and execution of multibillion-dollar energy projects such as hydro-power plants, gas-fired power plants and natural gas pipelines as well as in significant capital investments in various infrastructure asset classes. The practice of continually investing in shares, bonds, options and commodities from multibillion-dollar portfolios has earned individual partners of the Investment Company a range of proven skills in capital allocation and in initiating conditions for favorable return-risk ratios on energy and infrastructure projects for investors.

Since its inception, CapitalGenève has carefully aligned itself with its partners’ long experience and professional skills to establish and maintain a highly competitive position for investing in energy and infrastructure markets. Such an investment orientation allows suitable investment structuring and a careful choice of external investment-partners. This investment policy provides for an optimum return-risk profile and a robust cash-flow resistant to normal periodic economic downturns or regulatory changes.

As a result, CapitalGenève has been consistently able to provide an exceptional quality of investments and investment advice to its clients. This success has been also confirmed by the recognition in 2011 that one of its power projects, valued in excess of billion USD, was voted to have the best financial structure in Europe.