CapitalGenève Investment Company

The Investment Company is a Swiss investment partnership, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with a number of affiliated subsidiaries. It has offices in London, Milano, Istanbul and Abu Dhabi.

Its organizational structure is based on close long-standing relations among its partners and associates who are dedicated to providing optimal investment solutions to large cutting-edge energy and infrastructure projects.

By investing high-risk and equity capital in robust energy projects, developing high-performance gas and electric power business and arranging financing for the energy and infrastructure industry, CapitalGenève contributes to a stronger and sustainable energy and infrastructure sectors.

To be able to design, develop, fund and to arrange the complete funding of a major energy and infrastructure project in a timely fashion, the Investment Company has established close partnerships and cooperation with selected leading companies from the energy and finance industry, in particular, in Europe, North America and Asia.

Given its proven investment work methods, track-record and the close cooperation with global energy and financial companies, key data and corporate information on the past and current projects are covered by the strict confidentiality agreements. Consequently, the details of these investments cannot be disclosed publically and thus affect the nature and limited amount of information made available to this website.